NTERM-GHANA recruits volunteers from all over the world to work in various capacities during each outreach. The first outreach to Saboba (Northern Ghana) was collaboration between Access Medical Laboratory Services and NTERM-GHANA. The main activities were education on hepatitis in general and hepatitis B in particular followed by screening and vaccination against hepatitis B. This outreach was in July 2010. A follow-up was however made to ensure the completion of the vaccination within 6 months.

There are so many other programmes that can be carried out during outreaches and even all year round provided we have volunteers and funding to sustain the programme. Activities are diversified but generally fall into three main categories: healthcare/health education, education and development in general. For further details see our programmes and activities

Volunteers are diverse groups of individuals who share a common passion and are committed to improving the healthcare and health education system, education, and development in rural communities. NTERM-GHANA has three main types of volunteers: short term, long term and partnership volunteers.


Short term, long term and partnership volunteers

All the three (3) categories of volunteers can take part in all programmes and activities of NTERM-GHANA. Short-term volunteers are those who spend 3-7 days working on the field whereas long-term volunteers can stay and work until completion of a project.

Partnership volunteers on the other hand can finance our outreach programmes and possibly send their representatives to monitor and evaluate the progress and efficiency of our work.

Current Volunteers: Currently we have 1 Peace Corps Volunteer, Ken, working with farmers at Kpassa in the Volta Region of Ghana in the area of animal husbandry. 

CCPast Volunteers and Achievements 

Past Volunteers and Achievements 

NTERM-GHANA was pleased to work with fifteen (15) volunteers from July to December, 2010 in the hepatitis B education, screening and vaccination programme in which over 900 were screened and about 500 people were immunized against hepatitis B in Saboba, N/R.

During this outreach programme over 30,000 people were educated on hepatitis through a radio programme on the local FM. This has created a new awareness of hepatitis B contrary to the previous believe according to which, people who suffered from hepatomegaly due to hepatitis were thought to have been poisoned or bewitched.

Residents of Saboba are very grateful for the impact made by this outreach since the prevalence of hepatitis B alone was found to be about about 15% with an alarming mortality.

Currently, residents of Saboba are earnestly calling on us to come back for another round of vaccination. But we are unable to honor this invitation because of financial constrains.

NTERM-GHANA awards certificates to volunteers at the of the outreach programmes. We also give certificates of honor to our donors.

To apply for volunteer position please send an email to hedp2010@gmail.com

Work With Us

Trained Field Volunteers, Field Coordinators, Field Officers, and Volunteers positions:


NTERM-GHANA employs as many volunteers as possible for health, education and development programmes to work in rural Ghana alongside a team of locally based Trained Field Volunteers. Responsibilities range from active involvement into ongoing projects (which may include teaching, education on health issues, and provision of basic medical services), monitoring and evaluation of projects to local capacity building (by training more local people to become Trained Field Volunteers) through other personal initiatives that are in line with our objectives.


NTERM-GHANA also appoints Field Coordinators and Field Officers to oversee/supervise ongoing activities, monitor and evaluate ongoing projects and write reports at the end of every outreach programme. Field Coordinators and Volunteers are temporary positions that end at the end of outreach programme, whereas field officers Trained Field Volunteers will be permanently based in the communities.


NTERM-GHANA provides transportation, housing, and a feeding allowance for the volunteers and the Field coordinators throughout the project duration. The Trained Field Volunteers shall received incentive packages periodically depending on the availability of funds. The Field Officers shall receive a monthly allowance depending on the availability of funds and whether they are on part-time or full time.


NB: NTERM-GHANA will however not entertain any worker with ulterior motives other than our objectives.


For more information about the Trained Field Volunteers, Field Coordinators, Field Officers, and Volunteers positions please contact us by filling out our email contact form.

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Accountability is our Top-Most Priority. NTERM-Ghana is a No-Corruption Institution Where Every Pesewa (Penny) is Accounted For)





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