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Health Programme

NTERM-GHANA’s health program consists of a range of curative, educational and preventative health activities with a focus on rural folks. NTERM-GHANA primarily focuses on health areas of greatest need and priority for the communities including

  1. The prevention of diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, as well as prevention of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases.

  2. NTERM-GHANA also organizes outreach programme to educate rural folks on family planning, sexual health, sanitation and personal hygiene.

  3. Basic research and feasibility studies aiming at eradicating these diseases.


NTERM-GHANA educates the population by organizing them into small gatherings or through local radio stations or by using a public information van. NTERM-GHANA operates in collaboration with the all stakeholders such as: community opinion leaders, the district health administration, the district assembly and other NGOs/agencies.

Education Programme

Universal primary education is one of the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations. The Ghana Government has made great strides to achieve it, advancing dramatically with the free basic school education policy, the one computer per child policy, the school feeding programme, the provision of special incentive packages to promote girl-child education, and the provision of infrastructure for schools. This effort has translated into increased numbers enrolling in schools across the country. However, investment in facilities has failed to keep pace with increasing enrollment especially in the rural areas.


A close inspection of the schools in rural areas revealed that they either do not have or have the following basic needs in short supply: tables and chairs, computers (for studying ICT), potable water, and other sanitation facilities (toilets, urinals, hand washing dishes….), teaching and learning materials (chalk, books, pens and pencils, charts, white boards, markers…). Also most teachers are not willing to teach in rural areas because there is no motivation to attract them to these areas. As such students performance is declining at an alarming rate in rural Ghana. Furthermore, most of the few brilliant but needy students in rural Ghana cannot afford the high cost of secondary education.


It is against this background that NTERM-GHANA has developed a special programme on education to assist and complement the effort of Government especially in rural areas. Our education programme consists basically of helping to raise the falling academic standard through the provision of:

  1. ​Computers/computer labs and

  2. Library books/buildings to schools for the purpose of teaching and learning,

  3. Scholarships for the brilliant but needy students to study in Senior High Schools,

  4. Incentive packages to promote girl-child education,

  5. Incentive packages for teachers to motivate them to do their best.

  6. Mobile library project, which consists of buying books/pamphlets for students in both Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools.


Volunteers can also take up teaching appointment in schools provided they are qualified to teach and their services are needed. This shall however be in consultation with the school authorities.


NTERM-GHANA is has started activities in education sector and therefore welcomes all volunteers who are willing to work with us in this sector. Partnership volunteers can finance any of the projects in the education programme whereas short term and long term volunteers can participate and assist in the implementation process. However short term and long term volunteers can also make donations or attract donors to finance these projects.

Development Programme

Apart from health and education, NTERM-GHANA undertakes other development-oriented projects under our development programme.


Activities undertaken here include:

  1. Peace promotion through education,

  2. Provision of potable water (mechanized bore holes/wells) for the deprived communities,

  3. Provision of modern food storage facilities and education on food security, to eradicate hunger in the lean season.

  4. Promotion of environmental friendliness through afforestation and maintenance of clean environment,

  5. Establishment or promotion of micro-credit system to encourage savings, investment and business among the rural folks,

  6. Promotion of poultry farming (especially guinea fowls) and/or animal husbandry (small ruminants) through the provision of loans or grants and any other activity that will bring development to the people.

  7. Any other programme that would improve the livelihood of the rural folks is welcomed.

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Accountability is our Top-Most Priority. NTERM-Ghana is a No-Corruption Institution Where Every Pesewa (Penny) is Accounted For)




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