Child Evangelism

  • This program is part of the development ideology of Nterm-Ghana, a Non-Governmental Organization based in Saboba, and working in the areas of health, education and development in general to improve the living conditions of the rural folks in Ghana in respond to our mission statement “To rescue the perishing and help build a promising and sustainable future for the people of Ghana by amplifying the voice of the unheard, magnifying the sight of the short sighted and putting a smile on the face of the hopeless through community-based healthcare, education and development projects.” The executives of Nterm-Ghana in consultation with Rev Peter N. Djankpa and Rev Moses Bakar (who are members of the board of directors) came up with this idea as a way of catering for the spiritual welfare of the people in addition to the social welfare. 

  • NTERM-GHANA is seeking for help from donors to carry out this child evangelism project

With Your Donation, NTERM-Ghana Will Provide Quality Services to the Deprived and Less Privileged with the Highest Level of Honesty and Integrity!


Accountability is our Top-Most Priority. NTERM-Ghana is a No-Corruption Institution Where Every Pesewa (Penny) is Accounted For)




Dr. Francis Djankpa



Mr. Felix Tabiim


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