Education Programme

The education unit of NTERM-GHANA has contributed immensely to the Ghanaian society in the aspect of education. This area is aimed at improving educational standards in rural Ghana. We believe that just as it is important to provide health services to the good people of Ghana, so it is of great importance to also improve their standard of living which education is the bedrock. For any group of people or individual to make it in today’s world, NTERM-GHANA believes good education is the best gift to offer.


Nterm-Ghana solicited used desktop computers and donated to 44 Junior High Schools in Saboba and Nkwanta-North (Kpassa) districts last year. This gesture was publishes and can be seen in the link below, this link opens better in a new tab or new window.


The above project’s operations are based on the objectives of the NGO (NTERM-GHANA). One way by which we do this is by providing relevant and up-to-date pamphlets in the various disciplines to students of Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools who are brilliant but needy through our “MOBILE LIBRARY PROJECT”. Some of these students are orphans; others are also from poor homes where parents are not able to fully support their wards. In such cases NTERM-GHANA comes in to offer this help.

The list of students who benefited from such packages is as shown below:

Name of student

Number of books/Subject

Name of School


Nakouwo Nborkan

4 books (Economics, Elective Mathematics, Government and Geography)


St Michael Senior High School, Nandom



Abigail Naapi

4 books (Geography, Government, Social Studies, Christian Religious Studies)


Saboba E.P. Senior High School, Saboba.




David Bowan

2 books (Geography, English Language)

St Charles Senior High School, Tamale

2010-Yet to complete


Grace Mochin

3 books (English, Core Mathematics, Management)

Tatale E. P. Senior High, Tatale.



Kofi Licho

3 books (Integrated Science, Core Mathematics, English Language

St Joseph Secondary Technical School, Saboba.

2010-Yet to complete



Esther Mborigya

4 books (Social Studies, Integrated Science, Core Mathematics and Biology)

University Practice Senior High School, UCC, Cape Coast

2011-Yet to complete


Oscar Naapi

3 books (English, French, Info and Comm. Technology

Gaala E.P. Junior High School, Saboba


Peter Gmachayo

4 books (Info and Com. Tech, Core Maths, Religious and Moral Edu.

Gaala E.P. Junior High School, Saboba.


Obed Ntakbi

All subjects

Central Junior High School, Saboba


Millicent Mabortee

All subjects

SDA Junior High School, Saboba


Gladys Bimorti

All subjects

Gaala E.P Junior High School, Saboba



Azaratu Alhassan

All subjects

St Charles Lwanga Junior High School, Saboba.



Christiana Ntelinyi

All subjects

E.P Junior High School, Saboba.


Gifty Tamanja

All subjects

St Joseph Technical School, Saboba


Wisdom Tigme

All subjects

E.P Senior High School, Saboba.


On November 17, 2012, Nterm-Ghana bought books for brilliant but needy students and this event was covered by the Ghanaian Chronicle Newspaper. This link opens better in a new tab or new window:

In addition to buying books for the above students, the education unit of NTERM-GHANA has been able to help 4 of the above students to register for private examinations and better their grades for admission into tertiary institutions.

READING CLINIC: In the summer of 2014, NTERM-GHANA hosted Miss Sandra Adade, a volunteer from Ghana Institute of Journalism who initiated a reading clinic for basic school students. Over 500 students in 10 schools benefited from this program. These children were eductaed on the need to read and were also taught different reading skills and strategies. Good Job Sandra!!!

Other form of support that the education unit has provided has been in the form of guidance and counseling. This programme provides a form of orientation for students to select appropriate courses of study in higher institutions.



NTERM-GHANA has plans of providing some educational facilities to deprived schools in the rural areas. Some of these facilities are stated below:

  1. Scholarships and bursaries for brilliant but needy students and the girl-child covering their tuition fees in High School and tertiary institutions.

  2. Expansion of the “mobile library project” to cover more needy students

  3. Computer laboratories for schools

  4. Library buildings and books for schools

  5. Teaching and learning materials for schools (white board, markers, models, charts, projectors……)

  6. Motivation incentives for hardworking teachers

  7. Workshops on new teaching techniques for teachers

  8. Educational campaigns in the communities and also through the local FM stations

Health Programme

In the heath sector, NTERM-GHANA has screened about 700 individuals in Saboba, and (immunized about 600) and 100 individuals in the Yam Market in Agbogbloshie, Accra (immunized about 80) between 2010 and 2012 at a subsidized cost. We did not only immunized most of those who tested negative but also we provided further testing and treatment advice for those who tested positive.

Our next target is to screen all students in the Saboba district and immunize them for free when given the needed assistance. Our preliminary survey revealed that the prevalence of hepatitis B virus in Saboba is 9% and as many as 30 people lost their lives in 2011 due to hepatitis B infection. The current student population in Saboba district stands about 4000.

As part of our health programme NTERM-GHANA just ended a community health education outreach programme to eight communities namely Dicheen, Nakpando, Hill Top, Natuundo, Nanyeeni, Naboak, Gbadagbam, Sobiba, Nachang, Kinaaduuk, Natal, N-jakumdo and Kpanjol with the support of world vision Ghana international, Saboba.

Beneficiary communities received education on diarrhea management in children, malaria education (especially in children), environmental cleanliness and personal hygiene and disease prevention in general.

With Your Donation, NTERM-Ghana Will Provide Quality Services to the Deprived and Less Privileged with the Highest Level of Honesty and Integrity!


Accountability is our Top-Most Priority. NTERM-Ghana is a No-Corruption Institution Where Every Pesewa (Penny) is Accounted For)




Dr. Francis Djankpa



Mr. Felix Tabiim


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