Hailing from Saboba (a rural and deprived area) in Northern Ghana and having been privileged to get access to formal education, Mr. Francis Tanam Djankpa, and Mrs Gladys Barkei Djankpa the founders of NTERM-GHANA thought about doing something sustainable to help the rural folks (who did not get access to formal education) to improve their livelihood in terms of health education and development in general. This passion gave birth to NTERM-GHANA, (a Non-Governmental Organization) in May 2010. It is worth mentioning that throughout the genesis of NTERM-GHANA, Mr. Nkumpoi Tabiim has been of immense support and is therefore a co-founder.


NTERM in “Likpakpaln” (Konkomba language) means HELP so NTERM-GHANA translates as HELP-GHANA. The motto of NTERM-GHANA is “ININBIWUN” which translates as “ENLIGHTENING”.


Other faithful citizens who have been of immense support in the foundation of NTERM-GHANA include: Mr. Alex Bilila, Mr. Solomon Kwashie, Miss Theresa Publison Batul, Mr. Obed Talenkigak, Mr. John Nakoja, Mr. Samson Nachuwa Bisakya, Mr Samuel Nkiikinah Jalulah and Mr Emmanuel Nyebi just to mention a few.


We would be ungrateful if we fail to mention the immense contribution made by the following senior citizens in various capacities (role models, inspiration, motivation, mentors, and guide) in the genesis of NTERM-GHANA: Rev. Peter Nighain Djankpa (E.P. Church, Saboba), Rev Moses Muligna Bakar (E.P. Church, Saboba), Dr. Divine Ndonbi Banyubala (GHS, Accra), Dr. Francis Bitasimi Bilson (37 Military Hospital, Accra), Mr Kingsley Kayan, Dr. David Kwabena Bindan (Mega Light Mission, Accra), and Mr. Thomas Kwabena Libisun (GES, Kpasa).


NTERM-GHANA is a Non-Governmental Organization with the following objectives:

  1. To provide medical services and medical education to the people of Ghana especially the rural communities

  2. To promote girl-child education and establish scholarship schemes for the people of Ghana especially the rural communities

  3. To provide incentive packages for teachers in the rural areas and supply sanitation, teaching and learning materials to rural schools (including computer laboratories)

  4. To provide potable water and sanitation facilities for rural folks.

  5. To promote food security to alleviate hunger and hardship within the lean season in rural areas.

  6. To undertake any other initiative that can bring about development and alleviate poverty for the rural communities in Ghana.


All functionaries of NTERM-GHANA are professionals who work for the organization as their secondary occupation. This has become necessary because NTERM-GHANA does not have the capacity to employ full time workers and pay them due to lack of funding.




Congratulations to all the functionaries for bringing the organization this far through their selfless sacrifice and dedicated service to NTERM-GHANA.

Members of the Board of Directors

  1. Rev Peter N. Djankpa

  2. Rev Moses M. Bakar

  3. Mr. Thomas K. Libisun

  4. Mr. Francis T. Djankpa

  5. Dr Theresa P. Batul.


Technical support

Brian Loebig: Loebig Ink Web Consulting

Spencer Chang: Asian Marketing Services



Position in NTERM-GHANA

Primary Occupation


Dr. Francis T. Djankpa


Lecturer, Department of Physiology, School of Medical Sciences, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana.


Dr Theresa P. Batul

Deputy Director

Medical Doctor, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, Ghana.


Mr. Nkumpoi Tabiim

General Secretary

Medical Laboratory Scientist, Kimtanpo Health Research Center, Ghana.

Lt. Sampson N. Bisakya

Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist, 37 Military Hospital, Accra.

Public Relations Officer 1

Mr. John Nakoja

Medical Laboratory Scientist, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra

Public Relations Officer 2

Mr. Jato Jonathan

Assistant Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho

Financial Secretary

Miss. Jennifer Alou

Nurse, Tema General Hospital, Tema

Assistant Financial Secretary

Mr. Alex Bilila

Medical Laboratory Scientist, Children's Hospital, Accra.

Programme Manager - Health


Mr. Solomon Kwashie

Medical Laboratory Scientist, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra.

Assistant Programme Manager -Health


Mrs. Gladys B. Djankpa

Psychologist and Teacher, Cape Coast Technical Institute, Cape Coast.

Programme Manager - Education and Development

Lt. Obed Kuchando

Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist, 37 Military Hospital, Accra.

Assistant - Programme Manager- Education and Development

Mr. Nkiikinah S. Jalulah

Student Pharmacy Technician - Kumasi Technical University, Kumasi.

Field Officer, Saboba Office

Mr. Peter Npuan

Social and Development Worker

Nterm-Ghana Education Sponsorship Officer



Field Officer, Kpassa Office

With Your Donation, NTERM-Ghana Will Provide Quality Services to the Deprived and Less Privileged with the Highest Level of Honesty and Integrity!


Accountability is our Top-Most Priority. NTERM-Ghana is a No-Corruption Institution Where Every Pesewa (Penny) is Accounted For)





Dr. Francis Djankpa



Mr. Felix Tabiim


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